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Specializing in Infidelity and Communication Issues

A mentor once said: " the definition of HELL is PROXIMITY without INTIMACY ".  Have you been living in a relationship hell with your partner? Are you physically close and yet emotionally apart? Instead of feeling excited about a future together, do you find yourself yearning for 'how things used to be?' Are you wondering if your relationship will survive the many challenges you are facing?

I recognize that one of the HARDEST DECISIONS in your relationship IS TO DECIDE WHETHER TO GIVE UP OR TRY HARDER ! If you are stuck, individual and couples counseling might help you get clarity.

Research shows that being in an unsatisfying romantic relationship can have a negative impact on your emotional, physical, and professional health. But things can get better. You deserve to have a relationship that is safe and fulfilling, a relationship where you feel like you are facing the world together as one team. You deserve to love and be loved, to grow together with your partner, and to enjoy life to the fullest. Learning to work together and forgive, even when things seem unforgivable, brings you closer together and makes your relationship stronger.

There is no doubt that marriage requires a lot of work. It won't happen over night, and I certainly do NOT have a magic wand but I invite you to start putting  in the work in your relationship.      

I have my Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy and am a Full Professor at California State University, Los Angeles. My passion is  to provide high quality individual and marital/couples counseling that's sensitive to diversity. 

Finding the right therapist for your relationship is important

In dealing with your relationship issues, it is extremely important to work with a professional therapist that you can trust. Therapist-client fit is one of the most important aspects of a good therapeutic outcome. During therapeutic work, you will share the most intimate details of your life, so it's important that you feel comfortable with your therapist, and that you do not feel judged in any way. There are many places you can go to find an effective counselor in your area. Resources include: The National Directory of Marriage and Family Counseling,, Psychology Today, or . These sites can advise you on how to find a good therapist or counselor in your area.

My therapeutic style is collaborative, open, and yet directive. A lot of my clients complain about passive therapeutic styles and report feeling like they were 'talking to a wall' in their previous counseling experiences. While the more passive approach may work with some clients, I have a more active style. In your work with me, you will always get honest and open feedback and you will never wonder what I am thinking. I am offering virtual/online sessions with flexible scheduling options. 
I appreciate your consideration to work with me and I also encourage you to explore your options, as there are many ways to find healing. Whether you choose to work with me, or consider alternatives to traditional therapy, you can create a satisfying and joyful relationship and life.





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